[ The visual image is a kind of tripwire for the emotions Diane Ackerman ]

John Clare

Book Jacket design for John Clare's Communicating Clearly about Science and Medicine.


Physiotherapy London

We designed a wallet containg a number of card inserts that communicates the various areas of specialism the practise offers. The pack is a versatile divice that can be filled with information relevant to a particular client's interests.


Clarkson Research Services – Map Covers

We designed a new look for the maps that Clarksons produce including the design of its covers.


ROSL Arts Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2011

A musical instrument montage was created to become the design element linking through this year's Fringe Programme design.


ROSL Arts Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2011

Fringe Programme cover.


ROSL Arts Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2011

Fringe Programme and interior.


Pipeline Industries Guild

A comprehensive Directory of Members and their activities for the Pipeline Industry.


Pipeline Industries Guild

A promotional item inviting members to their Annual Dinner.


Royal Over-Seas League DVD

Packaging for a DVD marking events in the history of the Royal Over-Seas League over the last 100 years.


Royal Over-Seas League Centenary Appeal

A small folder holding information encouraging support for the League's Centenary Appeal.


ROSL Arts Edinburgh Fringe Programme

Cover design for an A3 fold-out music programme for this years Edinburgh Fringe by ROSL Arts.


ROSL Arts Edinburgh Fringe Programme

Interior views of the A3 fold-out Edinburgh Fringe programme


LionsDen Communications – Marketing

Part of LionsDen's Marketing Campaign asking the question - What if?


LionsDen Communications – Marketing

Further examples of the 'What If?' campaign from LionsDen.


LionsDen Communications – Marketing

LionsDen Communications have produced two Workbooks that accompany their training programmes for both Media and Communications Skills Training and Presenting Medical and Scientific Data.


Engineering Council Corporate Brochure

A corporate brochure introducing the role of the Engineering Council.


Fox Williams

A small brochure welcoming Stephen Lane to lead the firm's tax practice - the brochure explored his areas of professional expertise and his more human side.


Clarkson Research Services – Registers

Cover designs for a set of Registers for Claksons.


European Travel Services German Brochure 2010

A brochure promoting tours and excusions available for German Tourists in Britain.


European Travel Services Brochure

A brochure promoting tours and excusions available for tourists to Britain.



Lontano, headed by the charismatic, Cuban born musician, Odaline de la Martinez  and flautist, Ingrid Guildford, are a musical group whose impact on the perception of new music has been profound in the extreme. These are among a few promotional leaflets to their concerts.


Bach Cantatas

A Poster campaign advertising a series of concerts.


ATCM Exhibitor Pack

A brochure providing detail on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities for the World Congress for Town Centres and Downtowns 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.


Roller Disco at the O2

Tickets and marketing information for the Roller Disco at the O2.


Douglas Shanks Chartered Accountants

Douglas Shanks Chartered Accountants corporate brochure.


Hogarth Health Club

Corporate brochure.


Hogarth Heath Club

Asked to reposition the way potential new members regard The Hogarth Health Club, Helix developed an on-going campaign of promotional cards exploring the juxtoposition of everyday words and phrases with images relating to The Hogarth's core activities and services. 'Steam Train' - not a locomotive but a promotion of their steam room and gym; Dinner Service' - fine dining and outside tennis facilities. These arresting visuals are elaborated upon and culminate in the invitation to 'Join the Club'.


Park Club

Seasonal promotional literature for the Park Club.



Front and varied back designs for a set of business cards.


Royal Over-Seas league

A programme design for the final of the Royal Over-Seas league Music Competition.