Design Audit

The objective of any design audit is to gain a greater understanding of the effectiveness of branding and subsequent marketing material in any organisation and how it sits and communicates within any given industry sector.

By critically analysing the way design communicates, and comparing the way similar organisations market themselves, we can begin to formulate strong opinions as to the success of some routes as opposed to others.

A design audit concerns itself with the consistency of visual style and message. What does it all look like? Is the design consistent throughout all materials? What message is being sent? Is it the right one? Is it consistent? Is the level of production quality where it should be?

The visual materials produced by a company are a key factor in how it is perceived by its market and other audiences. If a logo is the face of a company, visual style is its clothes. There are several other factors that contribute to corporate identity; quality, customer service, environments and the like all work in concert to create an identity. Companies that don't police their materials and message simply let their identity happen to them. Not a very good idea in a competitive marketplace.

In this exercise Helix will closely look at your current branding image and style.

We will look at how close competitors brand and communicate themselves.

We will begin to look widely at your business sector in Britain and the US.

Armed with an understanding of the way successful business succeeds in your sector we then have the choice to follow or stand apart for maximum effect, the way you might look and communicate through your marketing in the future.

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