A New Web Site for the Engineering Council

"The Engineering Council engaged Helix to design and develop our new website. Digby Field and Raymond Patmore's FOUR FAMILIAR TABS concept was delivered on time and on budget. The new website integrates well with our marketing strategy; and using the Umbraco content management system has enabled staff to easily manage and update content." Chris Simpson, Financial and ICT Director Engingeering Council

The Initial Problem

The Engineering Council needs to make a large body of reference information available to its users in industry and the Engineering profession around the clock. This was all being held online as web page content and downloadable documents. The volume of this information was making it difficult for users to navigate through to find what they needed. This was our challenge; to re-develop the site with a more logical and user-friendly structure, whilst simaltaeneously implementing the new corporate branding and maintaining an attractive appearance to the site.

How the H.O.T Team Helped

We began our extensive research during the proposal stage. We specifically looked into how the Engineering Council needed its information to work for its users and this included site content analysis. This thourough and targeted approach was one of the main reasons that the Engineering Council chose to continue with Helix for the implementation of this project.

Successful Outcome

On completion of the project the Engineering Council had a modern clean design to all aspects of their website which incorporated a much more efficient navigation system. This navigation system included the seperation of supporting documents from the main page content, making them accessible through an easy to find side panel. As well as improving the look and functionality of the site for its users we also made it a much more manageable tool for staff within the Engineering Council through the implementation of a top quality Umbraco Content Management System and the integration of satellite sites to provide single management across all EC sites.


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