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Helix Design, a London based graphic design consultancy, headed by Raymond Patmore, specialises in high profile design for business to business communication.

Helix Design works with companies and organisations to develop and strengthen brand image, gaining greater marketing visibility.

As a 'full service' consultancy, Helix Design is able to pool the talents of designers, writers and other skill-sets, to create a brighter corporate vision.

Above all, Helix Design realise and manage the relationship between words and images, ensuring vivid communication of your marketing message.


Helix Design Blog

[ good design is the marriage of creativity with strategy ]

"I cannot recommend Raymond highly enough. His designs allow small businesses to compete with, and consequentially become, big businesses.

One aspect that sets Raymond apart from other designers I have worked with, is the way in which he starts very simply, with separate boards for colour, style, symbols, fonts etc. By establishing the client's preferences at this level, means that the design is built from a solid/agreed base; any difference in preference as the design develops therefore usually only requires one step back, rather than an entire redesign."
|  Anne Roebuck, Director, Physiotherapy London

"Raymond is not only an exceptional graphic designer but more importantly, is extremely good at understanding the commercial rationale behind the need  for good graphics. It is in this capacity that he is exceptional value, as he has helped me capitalise on the market that I already have. I went to him with a budget and he suggested a high quality brochure which generated a much higher return. If you are looking for quality and effectiveness then talk to Raymond, it is time well spent."
|  Director, James Talbot

"Raymond is a rare breed, a mixture of creativity and efficiency, always being on top of the job and delivering fantastic work, regardless of tight deadlines or difficult briefs. Always a pleasure to work with."
|  Colin Watson, Director, Helix Digital